Horizontal Shooter Redux


Intense spaceship game in 2D



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Horizontal Shooter Redux is an arcade game with all the flavor of the classic ones where we control a spaceship and it goes ahead to the side of the screen shooting all the enemies on your way.

Surf the space firing all the enemies and avoiding thiir attacks in order to reach your goal.

This time, you'll control the vehicle with the mouse. Right mouse is to fire, face your ship to the nemie and aim well to crash it down.

The graphic appart of the game is excellent, what makes it even better. All the flavor and playability of classic shooters and the visual look of trendy new games.

Lights and colors are always present during the game as well as those sounds that get you into the game.

Horizontal Shooter Redux is a funny arcade game that reminds some classic games and intorduces some new features. A good choice for thsose users who want to have fun for a while.
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